Lock Rekey
Having a loaded keyring is no fun! Especialy when you can cut down on the amount of keys you need to carry. By rekeying your locks, you eliminate having multiple keys for your house or business. Recently aquire a new place? let us rekey your locks to add security. Who knows who else has keys to your place? We can rekey most indoor/outdoor/deadbolt locks, including Schlage, Kwickset, and many others. We also have select Masterlocks that that can be rekeyed to exisiting keys. Prices range from $0 - $7 a lock. With locks changing quickly, call or stop by for current prices.
Custom Color Match
Using Special equipment we can color match a paint swab, fabric, old board, or anything else larger than a quarter. We have many other manufactures' colors in stock, so if you find someone else's color you like, we can usually mix it. Our paint is made right here in the United States, and speciffically for Ace Hardware by Ace Hardware. For more info, check out our paint section.
Automotive Chip Key
We are a certified Hy-Ko C3 Chipkey center. We have the tools to program and cut keys nessacary to start newer Vehicals. We encourage you to call ahead as some keys do require having the vehical at time of programming. What is a Chip Key, and how is diffrent? See the Q&A below!
Click to see what kind of Key your Vehical has!
  • Q. What is a ChipKey?
    A. ChipKeys or anti-theft auto keys contain a computer “transponder” chip in the head of the key programmed to the vehicle’s security system. Duplicate keys for your vehicle require programming this matching code in order to operate the vehicle. Auto manufacturers began phasing these keys into production vehicles starting in 1995. The vehicle’s anti-theft computer and the programmed chipkey help to curb auto theft and reduce insurance premiums.

  • Q. How do ChipKeys work?
    A. The computer chip in the key holds a code like a password. The computer in the vehicle reads the password in the chipkey, and if the password is correct the vehicle will start. Otherwise, the vehicle will be inoperable. This extra layer of security is a proven deterrent to theft and contributes to lower insurance premiums on vehicles with this technology.

  • Q. Why does the ChipKey cost more than a plastic-head auto key?
    A. The key is no longer a key. It is a high-tech device that communicates electronically with the vehicle’s engine computer with a unique security code. The majority of newer vehicles use smart keys that contain special-coded computer chips. The new anti-theft automotive computer technology is a very expensive component which was designed to protect against vehicle theft. The ChipKey must be programmed to work with a particular vehicle. Programming these keys requires specialized diagnostic equipment operated by a trained technician.

  • Q. Will a non-ChipKey operate a vehicle?
    A. No. A non-chipkey can be cut to open the door or trunk, but if the vehicle has a chipkey protected security system only a chipkey that is programmed with the matching code will operate the vehicle.

Pressure Washer Rentals
Our presure washer is the Honda GX160. Featuring a high powered 5.5 Hp motor, this thing will get most of your projects done fast. Included are several nozzle tips for diffrent spray patterns. Price:
$10.00 a Hour
$60.00 a Day
Carpet Cleaner Rental
Got a Special event coming up? Rent our Profesional carpet cleaner and get your floors looking great! We even have a small attachment for doing stairs and tight areas.
$19.99 for 6 Hours
$24.99 for 24 Hours
Cleaners NOT included!
Scissor Sharpening
Our Scissor Sharpening service includes the following:
  • Remove nicks from Blades
  • Allign tips
  • Lubricate handles/joints
  • We can adjust the cutting edges for what you use your scissors for the most.
All for $3.50 a Pair.
Knife Sharpening
Our Knife Sharpening Services are fast and include the following benifits:
  • Remove Nicks from blade
  • Factory sharp
  • Long lasting edge
  • Make an old knife cut like new!
All Knives $1.50 a blade
Watch Battery Replacment
We do not charge to replace watch batteries purchased in our store. We replace batteries in watches, vehical remotes, just about anything that takes a small button cell. We have even been known to replace larger batteries in other objects as well. Stop by and we will be glad to assist you!

Most Watch batteries run Aprox. $4.49 a battery. See store for details.

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